The Boyish Look

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Emma Balfour


The lights in DC shine a little dimmer…

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I was 14 years old when I met my biological father. It was a difficult and very confusing time for me. I didn’t know where I fit in, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be feeling, and I just wanted to run away from it all. I did, however, enjoy meeting members of my extended family that had been long lost to me. One person in particular was my uncle Gene, my dad’s older brother, who lived in DC.  When I met him I instantly felt at home. He had such a warmth and kindness about him that I had never before known, and I suddenly knew that I belonged somewhere. He had an amazing mind and you could see just by looking at him that he had an unquenchable hunger for knowledge that he loved to share with everyone around him. It was quite contagious really, and you just wanted to hear more as he told his stories with a subtle twinkle in his eye. Sadly, my uncle passed away this week, but I will never forget his kindness, and the sense of belonging I felt in just knowing him.  I love you Uncle Gene. You will be missed.


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Today’s Look

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As long as it lasts…

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Clemence Poesy is quite lovely…

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she has such a natural, unassuming beauty that’s so refreshing

alison mosshart

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My other muse…